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Since 2016, we've been bringing our clients' visions to life with custom applications. What sets us apart from other agencies? We're an external partner that feels like an internal team member. Hand over your entire tech area to us - and have your app developed to meet all your needs.
Especially practical: With us, you don't have to jump into the deep end right away. First get your feet wet and let us plan your app with manageable costs. After that, you can decide if you want us to develop the app for you - or if you want someone else to implement our concepts and mockups.

We divide our work process into two parts


Where are you and where do you want to go? In conversations and workshops, we get to know you, your company and your plans. Together, we develop an app strategy, product vision and mockups so that you can reach your goals without detours.

Step #1

Free analysis call

You need the right partner for your app development. That's why you first get to know us in the analysis call. We take the time to understand your project, answer your questions - and explain to you exactly how we can implement your vision.

Step #2


Now we start the exploration process. With market research, user surveys or tests, we collect all relevant information about the planned app and lay the foundation for an app that perfectly fits your users and your company.

Step #3


If you want to continue working with us, you will now receive the first digital model of your app. You will see which screens the app will have and how it will function and be operated later. You can use the mockup without any restrictions.

Step #4

Tech Analysis

In this step, we divide your concept into features. This way you know exactly which steps are necessary for the implementation of your idea and how complex the project is. Each feature gets a pessimistic and optimistic estimate of the effort.

Step #5


At the end of the exploration phase you will receive our final offer. Afterwards, you can either go to an investor with the documents (concept, mockup, tech analysis, offer) and secure your pre-seed - or start directly into the next phase.


You want to have your app developed by us? Great! Then we'll continue directly after the exploration and implement your mockup with state-of-the-art technologies and standards 1:1. In the end, you'll hold your idea in your hands as usable software.









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